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Provision of Roof Materials

Mr. Gul Rauf Khan S/o Gul Saleh Khan in the age of 38st years is living with his wife, four children, parents and siblings at village Land in Tehsil Datta khel of NWA. His 12 member’s family living in two rooms at 1 canal kacha home, which was not fulfilling their needs. Because he was living with Parents, and total 12 of family member were living in 2 rooms. His elder son is in class 5th while the rest yet not started schooling. He is the only person securing foods and other needs of the family. He is vending a Chickpeas (Chole) at his own village, his average monthly income is PKR 11000/- which is very low, and can’t afford his children schooling fee or other basic needs.
Before Migration: Before migration to bannu, I was resident of village Land North Waziristan. I lived a simple but peaceful life and was pleased with my wife and 4 children. We lived on our lands our norms and traditions and our families were contented. The social cohesion and solidarity amongst our community was very strong. Living off the land livestock and being closely tied with our communities kept us rooted and satisfied. My house was made of Mud. It comprised of two room, veranda and kitchen. I supported my livestock through fodder, which I grew on my own land and it provided me milk, other members of family sparingly shared ghee and butter with us. Operation Zarb-e-Azab: At June 2014, their life turned in to a massacre as the land of North Waziristan was hit by a militant operation. It was not safe to stay at our abode and we had to leave everything behind to save our lives, just like that, I was transformed into a displaced person with no idea about what is happening to my home, my land and my assets. Their life turned in to a depressed situation. They left their houses with no resources and assets except bare footed and were labeled as TDPs and ran for a safer place to Bannu. Mr. Gul Rauf Khan stated that the only way of his family survival and financial support was his monthly income 11000/-PKR, in which he had to pay a rent of 3000/- PKR per month and the rest was used for their bread and other needs, which was very low and not fulfill their needs. He further added his whole family faced many hardships during this period like psychological depression, education and health issues. After a few months of displacement, I got news that my entire village including my house has been destroyed in the ongoing clash. I felt my roots had been severed. Return to home: On June 30th, 2016 the area was declared safe and they returned to their home which was 80% damaged and dismantled during militant operation. Mr. Gul Rauf Khan said that they were having lack of basic necessities like water, food and shelter. Before the operation their house was good for living but after military operation when we return to home there was nothing and our house was not suitable for living. Provision of Roofing Material/ One Rome Shelter (ORS) & Latrine Material: Mr. Gul Rauf Khan said that, Participatory Rural Development Society (PRDS) Team visited the area where I am residing and shared about their project being funded by CESVI/OFDA. They told us that the most vulnerable amongst us would be supported through Shelter and WASH facilities. The project team carried out door to door visits, seeking information, filling forms to determine whom they will support. The community had their back, as their criteria very open. They even verified male/female beneficiaries and registered them. I also met the criteria for One Rome Shelter (ORS) and Latrine support. After selection the PRDS team distributed tokens and explained when materials will be distributed and where we were told, we could pick material ourselves to ensure quality. PRDS was the only organization who supported the village I lived in, through CESVI/OFDA support and all the beneficiaries were ever so grateful, though the project team always said that supporting us was part of their job. However, I and my family members feel like we were part of the process all along. Attending Technical Training & construction of ORS: I participated in a session, which explained how One Rome Shelter (ORS) could be assembled and dismantled. The information was crucial for me, PRDS with financial support of the CESVI/OFDA provided a roofing & latrine materials along with its reconstruction tools Kit which provided permanent relief. He participated in a technical training session, which explained how roofing & latrine material could be constructed and its maintenance. When he got the material, after a few days he started a work and utilize both the materials were given to him. So, Mr. Gul Rauf Khan said, that now I have a roof over my head which was our dire need”. Gul Rauf Khan was very thankful to PRDS and CESVI/OFDA for this support.           Latrine: The latrine kit was also provided by PRDS to me. I construct the latrine next to my shelter with thankfully rid me and my family of open defecation. Provision of latrine in the village also improved the overall health and hygiene of the village. The females in my households were gladdest for the latrine provision as previously they had to wait all day to defecate, and only went out when there was no light, as it was non-customary for women to be seen out in the open. Thus the dark was the only time they could defecate. Now I am very grateful and thankful of PRDS/CESVI for the facilitation.   Mr. Gul Rauf Khan also stated that, when Participatory Rural Development Society (PRDS) intervened in our area we knew about CESVI and their project providing WASH & Shelter. He was very happy on that time because he was one of the most vulnerable in the area. He said that now “I am so much grateful to PRDS & CESVI which resolved my basic issue of providing ORS and Latrine which reduce the vulnerability which was exist and now we can use shelter for living and latrine for defecation.   Health and Hygiene Training: Mr. Gul Rauf Khan also told to the interviewer about health & hygiene session that it was very helpful for us and aware me and my family because both male and female sessions were attended by me and my family. The practices and messages delivered in this session helped me and my family how to cope water borne diseases and improve our health and hygiene practices. In last Mr. Gul Rauf Khan said that “I hope and assume that my family is holding a very bright future as organizations like PRDS and CESVI are intervening our areas with full dedication, accepting hard and challenging work, accessing the remote areas and the vulnerable people like me beside of interacting a work to a single Malik. It will expedite ensuring provision of other basic necessities as well. I really very do appreciate the efforts made by PRDS and CESVI for resolving my family dire need of Shelter and Latrine and very grateful for this kind of act”.                           Pictorial View: Mr. Shafi Ur Rehman Community Mobilizer at PRDS Collecting information from Mr.Gul Rauf Khan in front of PRDS/CESVI supported ORS Mr. Gul Rauf Khan in his PRDS/CESVI supported ORS with Mr. Fahad Majeed Team Leader-(PRDS)

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