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Provision of Integrated Shelter & WASH Support

Mr. Ishfaq S/o Rasool Dar in the age of 24 is living along with his mother, brother and sister-in-law at village Messori in Tehsil Miran Shah of North Waziristan. His 4 member’s family is living in one room at 5 marla kacha home, which was not fulfilling their needs. Because they had insufficient space to live in, and also lack of privacy according to their rituals & cultural constraints. Mr. Ishfaq is a PWD by birth and he is unable to earn his bread himself. His elder brother who is also weak and malnutrition affected is a daily wager. Though his daily wages is also not a regular earning but somehow he manage to earn daily or an another day a least amount ranging from 200-400 per day which makes an average of 7000-9000/- PKR monthly depending on the earning opportunities during the month. Mr. Ishfaq further added with tears in his eyes that they are living a life below the poverty line and he is unable to support his family in this regard because he is a PWD. His brother is the only person who is earning bread and addressing other needs of the whole family. They even cannot afford the basic needs of their family, he added. In the aforementioned scenario, Mr. Ishfaq’s father who is financially good enough has left the family with these crisis and massacre and is living with his second wife which he newly wedded. His father do not contribute any support to them in fulfilling their basic needs.
Before Migration: Before migration to Bannu, I was resident of village Messori, North Waziristan. I lived a simple but peaceful and happy life with all my family members including my father. We were living on our lands in a dignified way following our norms and traditions. The social cohesion and solidarity amongst our community was very strong. Our house was made of Mud. It comprised of two rooms, veranda and a dedicated place for kitchen. There was also a side-way dedicated area for our livestock including 3 goats and 1 buffalo from which we use to get milk, ghee and other dairy products. In short, we were living a satisfied life before the militant operation which took place in 2014. Operation Zarb-e-Azb: In June 2014, their life turned in to a massacre as the land of North Waziristan was hit by a militant operation titled as “Zarb-e-Azb”. It was not safe to stay in the area anymore. We had to run for our lives. All of a sudden we were turned into displaced peoples with no idea about what is happening around. Our lives went through a depressed and uncertain situation. We left our house with bare hands and bare footed and were labeled as TDPs and escaped for a safer place to Bannu. Mr. Ishfaq added that the only way of his family survival and financial support was Govt., INGOs and NGOs assistance as there was no opportunity to earn bread for their family and fulfill their basic needs. The whole family faced many hardships and crisis during displacement like psychological depression, food and health issues. After securing a safer place during displacement, I got news that our entire village including my house has been destroyed in the on-going militant operation. I felt so much helpless with tears shed through my eyes.   Return to home: On June 30th, 2016 North Waziristan was declared to be safe and my family returned back to our home which was about 80% (approx.) damaged during militant operation. Mr. Ishfaq said that on that time my family faced lack of basic necessities like water, food and shelter. Before operation, our house was in quite good condition for living but after military operation when we returned our home back there was nothing as before and even now it wasn’t suitable for living.   Provision of Roofing Material/ One Rome Shelter (ORS), Latrine Material along with Cash Grant: Mr. Ishfaq told that, Participatory Rural Development Society (PRDS) team intervened our village and shared project details which was being funded by CESVI/OFDA. They told us that the most vulnerable amongst us would be supported through Shelter and WASH facilities. The project team carried out door to door visits and assessment, seeking information, conducted baseline surveys, filling forms to determine and select the most needy, vulnerable and extreme vulnerable individuals whom they will support with their project assistance. They displayed banners showing selection criteria along with CRM banners and installed CRM boxes too. PRDS team addressed with their assistance both male and female communities especially Elder, widow, orphans and EVIs. I also met the criteria for One Rome Shelter (ORS), Latrine support and cash grant. PRDS team treated me in a very dignified manner and addressed my needs at prioritized level as I was a PWD. After selection, the team distributed tokens and explained when, how and where the assistance will be distributed so that we could receive it easily. PRDS was the only organization till date who intervened and supported our village with the required assistance which was our dire need of the hour, through CESVI/OFDA financial support. “I am really very much grateful to PRDS/CESVI-OFDA for all the assistance which I have received because I am a PWD and most over during displacement and after return I couldn’t able to fetch any assistance as I am a person with disability by birth who cannot fight for assistance but PRDS/CESVI-OFDA was the only organization who granted me the assistance in a very polite manner by ensuring my self-respect and dignity”, added by Mr. Ishfaq. However, I and my family members feel like we were also a core part of the process all along.   Technical Training & Construction of ORS & Latrine: My brother on behalf of me attended the session as because been a PWD I was unable to attend it by myself. This technical training was organized by PRDS team to orient all the selected beneficiaries about re-construction of ORS and Latrine, which explained how One Rome Shelter (ORS) and Latrine could be assembled or re-constructed. The information disseminated in the session was very much useful to me. PRDS with financial support of the CESVI/OFDA provided roofing & latrine materials along with its re-construction tool kits which provided me a permanent relief. My brother actively participated in the technical training session, which enhanced beneficiaries capacity how minor repairs, damages and maintenance can be manage and done by ourselves. When I received materials, after a few following days we initiated work over it. Mr. Ishfaq told, “now I have a roof over my head which was our dire need of the hour”. Mr. Ishfaq was very thankful to PRDS and CESVI/OFDA for this support.       Latrine: The sanitation kit was too provided by PRDS/CESVI-OFDA. My brother constructed latrine next to my shelter and we permanently got rid of open defecation and the diseases been formerly produce and spread by it. Provision of latrine initiative in our village also contributed in improving overall health and hygiene of the area. The female in my family were so much happy for the latrine provision as previously they had to wait all day to defecate, and only went out when there was no light, as it was non-customary for women to be seen out in the open. Thus, dark was the only time they could defecate. Now I am very grateful and thankful to PRDS/CESVI-OFDA team for the kind facilitation. Mr. Ishfaq also stated that, when Participatory Rural Development Society (PRDS) intervened in our village, we heard the news about CESVI/OFDA and their project providing assistance of WASH & Shelter. I was very happy because I was also one of the extreme vulnerable and needy individual in the area. He said that now “I am so much grateful to PRDS/CESVI-OFDA which resolved my basic issue by providing ORS as my married brother along with his wife was sharing the same room with me and my mother which is strictly against our culture norms and values but we were unable to overcome this without any external assistance which finally PRDS/CESVI-OFDA addressed. Now, we are having a shelter to live in, and a latrine; a safer place to defecate”.   Health and Hygiene Training: Mr. Ishfaq also admitted about health & hygiene session and fuel it up that it was very helpful and enriched session with lots of awareness for keeping and ensuring health and hygiene. The practices and messages delivered in this useful session helped me and my family about how to overcome water borne diseases and improve our health and hygiene practices in a more systematic, technical and powerful way. In last Mr. Ishfaq said that “I hope and imagine that I and my family is holding a very bright future if organizations like PRDS/CESVI-OFDA intervene our areas with such a full dedication, accepting hard and challenging work, accessing the remotest areas and targeting extreme vulnerable individuals like me through a village committee been chosen and selected by the area elders instead of interacting and work to a single Malik. It raises the hope, ensuring provision of other basic living necessities as well. I really very do appreciate the efforts made by PRDS/CESVI-OFDA team for resolving my family dire need of Shelter and Latrine and are very grateful for this act of kindness”.         Pictorial View:                                     Furnished By:                                                    Fahad Majeed                                                   Team Leader-PRDS    

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